How to pick your dream FTP hosting provider

It is amazing that you can contact your clients with the help of an email, and proposals as attachments. However, when you need to send FTP logobulky files (especially the massive ones of the order of GBs), the regular email services don’t suffice. This paved the way for dedicated FTP hosting services, which are specialised hosting services for customers requiring large amounts of data transfer. The shared web hosting services are enough to cater to the needs of normal customers ranging from personal users to small business organizations, but if you often need to move large files securely from local machine to the web server, you may require dedicated FTP web hosting services.

FTP not only facilitates quick transfer of data but also ensures higher security. So, if you often need to send bulky files to your client, FTP is the ideal choice. Moreover, a dedicated FTP host will grant you access to multiple FTP accounts and even anonymous FTP accounts so that multiple users may be able to transfer data on-the-fly. Tip: Not all the ftp hosts grant anonymous FTP access, so keep that in mind before you select your ftp web hosting provider.

Who Requires FTP Hosting Service?
FTP hosting is most likely required by web developers, graphic design firms, and businesses requiring secure transfer of bulky files on a consistent basis. Moreover, you can also get these packages tailored to suit your requirements such as setting permissions for specific

FileZilla - FTP solution
In order to upload files to your website you need an FTP client. There are numerous programs out there for this purpose, but the most robust and feature rich solution is FileZilla. It is open source, free and easy to use. What else someone can ask?

directories and providing limited private access to certain developers and/or customers. Mostly, the small to midsize firms require dedicated FTP web hosting services, but some of the freelance web developers, and web programmers, who often need to port files to their clients also seek FTP web hosting services.

Hosting with FTP
FTP, acronym for File Transfer Protocol is an extremely handy way to transfer several files types of large sizes to the web server, and hence onto the internet. It is an inexpensive way provided by the dedicated ftp web hosts, which is relatively easy to learn to use even without any prior experience. FTP hosting provides larger monthly transfer limits and bandwidth, which is unavailable in case of shared web hosting services. With FTP hosting, you’ve very high transfer limits (literally unlimited, unless you transfer several GBs everyday).

Advantages of Using FTP

  • Unlimited use: You don’t need to pay extra cost to your web hosting provider for using extra bandwidth or disk space and you can simply transfer documents, multimedia presentations, and even audio/video files, movies or any digital data.
  • Faster Transfers: If you wish to send a 1GB file, firstly it may not be possible through email. And, in any other way, it will take a lot of time to do so. But, FTP facilitates faster transfer of data, and several GBs of data can be moved within a few minutes time effortlessly.
  • Advanced Security Through Encryption: FTP in itself is quite a secured program, but some of the ftp hosting companies offer advanced security options by encrypting the data transferred and keeping it safe from intruders, thus preventing them from being able to gain access to your confidential data.
  • Multiple Accesses to Users: You can have multiple FTP accounts for multiple users, with different privilege access levels set for each of them. This means your customer may login and see the progress, while your web developer may continue his/her work without being disturbed.
  • Custom Access Levels can be defined: If you want to give limited access to your customer to check the files, you can do so by setting the desired access level for the particular user. This will ensure that your customer can check the progress, but can’t make any changes to the documents (read only permission).

Downsides of FTP services
Despite all the goodness, just as every coin has its flip side, the FTP services have certain downsides too. First of all, you may face How FTP worksfrequent disconnection, whenever the request gets timed out. This may happen if the receiving port of the client may not be free, or the request gets timed out before being transmitted from the server (Sending machine or the host machine). Secondly, even if you’ve very high speed internet connection with 1GBPS connectivity, the file transfer rates remain in the order of few kbps. This limits the possibility of quicker transfer with improved internet connectivity. Lastly, FTP programs usually have issues with firewalls and security programs. So, you may need to disable them before being able to use these FTP clients; if you don’t do so you may encounter several issues, especially if there are long idle times during the sessions.

In a Nutshell
FTP hosting allows you to do things that aren’t possible with normal shared hosting accounts, especially if your transfer needs are massive. FTP web hosting provides an inexpensive way of dealing with higher transfers, and improves the security levels of transfer. FTP has several advantages and picking a reliable ftp host can help you take care of your business needs in an efficient manner, without really spending a lot of money. Different access levels can be granted to various users, and it is a great option to provide limited access to customers to monitor the progress of the work. Remember, FTP hosting provides virtually unlimited transfer capacity, so you don’t need to worry about your monthly bandwidth and disk space limits; all you need to do is to upload files onto your web server via the FTP client. FTP hosting services start from as low as $4 per month, if you subscribe to the hosting services for 2-3 years, and the premium services with value added services like domain maintenance cost $7-8/month. The large corporate giants also use FTP services, but rather than opting for picking an ftp host, they implement custom secure FTP network to facilitate the file transfer services. The larger companies never look for any kind of blog hosting, database hosting, email hosting or ftp hosting services.

Did you know?

Most providers forget that web hosting is, and always was, a service, not a product. You must be very carefull when you are searching for a reliable and an affordable company in order to host your new website.

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