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JBoss hosting is a project initiated by the Red Hat. It is an open source project whose objective is to build a Java-based middleware JBoss logoapplication server. For the better understanding of the layman, an application server is a software engine that delivers applications to its client computers or devices. The most important advantage of an application server is that it makes the development of the applications extremely easy. Instead of building applications, programmers can simply assemble them with the help of components provided by the application server. The Middleware is a software piece that is used to connect two or more software applications so as to enable a data exchange between them.

JBoss hosting is aimed at providing an application server to its clients that is sturdy, full of features, but also costs less. One of the biggest advantages of JBoss is that it can manage low-resource demands. JBoss can easily run on machines with a configuration of 128MB. This feature is what makes JBoss crucial. When a programmer begins work with JBoss, he or she must carefully check the The most popular open source Java application serverssupports for its standards, which may include EJB, JMS, JSP, JAF, JTA, and JAAS. As the process of development progresses, it is important that the programmer has a deep understanding of what all can the JBoss support. However, the programmer must take into account the fact that due to the nature of Java standards and also because of the JBoss was developed; the details of supports may not be available in black and white.

JBoss is known to make great use of the Java Management Extensions or JMX. In fact, JBoss makes sure that every element of the Java Management Extension can be separately managed. Even then, programmers must be ready to encounter some alterations in the behavior of the JBoss owing on differing platforms. The Jboss project was started by Marc Fleury in 1999 with the aim of advancing the middleware research interests of the company. As a result of this, JBoss Group, LLC was started in the year 2001 in the city of Atlanta in Georgia.  JBoss has customers such as Apple, Best Western, Computer Associates, HP, Iona, and Borland among others. A professional open source from JBoss offers its clients the following features:

  1. It provides a standards-based and stable Java Middleware technology.
  2. JBoss provides free of cost open source product license.
  3. JBoss offers its clients support from an experienced staff.
  4. The enterprise also provides comprehensive services offered by the Open Source such as training, support, and consulting to its customers.
  5. Jboss also has a large community of developers.
  6. Jboss hosting has a large network of authorized and certified partners.

There are various advantages of the Open Source of JBoss:

  1. One of the most important advantages is its low cost of ownership.
  2. JBoss offers a reliable and safe technology to its users.
  3. JBoss Open Source hosting offers its clients support and greater accountability.
  4. The customers of JBoss hosting always get a quick solution to their Open Source problems as compared to other commercial software vendors.

The JBoss Enterprise Middleware allows the user to do more with its application. It enables then to start and finish a far greater number of projects. They can deploy a large number of applications. The best part is that all of these applications can be managed at very low costs. The JBoss Enterprise Middleware also performs a faster update of various business processes. It is also able to integrate more services and data. Like mentioned in this article previously, JBoss Enterprise Middleware enjoys a superior clientele because of its broad portfolio functions, its higher performance as well as the much sought-after feature of stability. The JBoss Enterprise Middleware also offers easier management, flexibility, and control to its customers. It provides its clients with a 24x7 customer support system, along with no locks-in for its vendors.

Did you know?

Most providers forget that web hosting is, and always was, a service, not a product. You must be very carefull when you are searching for a reliable and an affordable company in order to host your new website.

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