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The business users who extensively use MS SharePoint and need reliable services to take care of their SharePoint servers can rely on SharePointexperienced SharePoint hosting providers. Microsoft SharePoint hosting services are quite popular in the market because SharePoint server has quite versatile functionalities. Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 are the latest offering from the house of Microsoft and hosted SharePoint sites can collaborate with other websites and online businesses with the help of shared libraries, lists and other resources. Currently, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) 3.0 are most popular in market, and you should look for reliable hosting agencies to support them.

Benefits of SharePoint web hosting

    1. Email Alerts: The SharePoint web hosting service provide offer timely e-mail alerts to keep you updated about all the happenings – you can be notified whenever anything new is added to the SharePoint server, or even changed and/or removed.
    2. Microsoft Office Integration: Hosted SharePoint services come with effortless Microsoft Office Integration, so you can work with Outlook, MS Access, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and all the components of the MS Office suite.
    3. SharePoint Mobile Access: You also get SharePoint mobile access meaning that all your SharePoint sites get WAP browser SharePoint Benefitscompatibility.
    4. Import Spreadsheets and Work Offline: You have the flexibility to import/share excel sheets on SharePoint lists/sites and even take the personal data like contacts, documents, lists etc off-line from Outlook 2007.
    5. Free SharePoint Application Templates: Along with the hosted SharePoint sites, you get free attractive SharePoint app templates.
    6. Version Control and Roll Back: You can keep a track of versions of your sites, and web apps hosted on MOSS 2007, and in case of any issues after making modifications, you always have the option to roll back to the previous version.
    7. MOSS 2007 support Adobe PDF: Some more good news is that SharePoint can recognize and even searches the PDF documents.
    8. Useful Libraries, Unlimited Users and Improved Search: There’s no limit of users on these hosted SharePoint services, and you can find information quickly with the improved search capabilities.
    9. Daily back-up and Data Security: Not only all hosted SharePoint sites come with daily back-ups but most of the vendors also provide the recycle bin as an option in admin control panel. This is quite necessary whenever you try to rollback to earlier version and look for an old document or web part that you’ve deleted in past.
    10. Integration of RSS Feeds and Wiki Sites & Pages: You can easily configure RSS feeds and even share knowledge with SharePoint Wiki’s.

    These were the top 10 benefits of SharePoint hosted sites and services, but there are numerous other advantages that are just listed out below (without any detailing because they’re too obvious)

    • End-to-end SSL encryption
    • Migration Assistance
    • Technical Support
    • SharePoint Blogs
    • Easy to use blogging for business communications and employees
    • Calendars
    • Document Level Security
    • Create links to share resources with your team
    • Gantt Project Charts
    • Discussion Forums
    • Ability to create and host Meeting Sites
    • Create Document Review Sites, Document, Form and Picture Libraries
    • Issue Tracking and take Surveys
    • Create and Customize Web Parts

    Hosted Exchange with SharePoint
    You may also look for hosted exchange bundled with SharePoint to unify collaboration as well as business messaging. You also get added advantages like sharing and management of personal information with wireless e-mail access via all the latest devices right from iPhone, Blackberry mobile handsets down to the PDA phones and Windows Mobile powered business devices.

    Applications of hosted SharePoint Services
    You can make use of the hosted SharePoint services for sharing documents, photos, hosting and sharing blogs, shared calendaring, meetings, sending email reminders project management, discussions, creating task/wish lists, and lot more. You can even compare notes/comments, and share all kinds of documents, web parts, schedules and anything that you want.

    SharePoint Services are also highly useful for:

    • Improving project management
    • Launch and maintain websites
    • Access critical documents from browsers
    • Maintain intranets
    • Maintain extranets
    • Create/manage bulletin boards, event schedulers and libraries

    Features of hosted SharePoint Services

    • Intrusion prevention system (IPS)
    • SSL Certificate
    • Anonymous User Access
    • Firewall
    • Custom Web Parts creation and installation
    • Secured Datacenter Entry/Exit
    • SQL Server Access
    • Full Server Access via remote desktop
    • All these services are usually PCI, HIPAA hosting security compliant.
      SharePoint   designer
      SharePoint designer, which is created by Microsoft, is a powerful and easy to use desktop tool, that allows you to build SharePoint services. The most important aspect of this program, is the chance that gives to novices to create from scratch their dream application, even if they don't know abything about programming.

    Facilities You Should Look in Data Centers
    Most SharePoint web hosting providers have highly advanced data centers with temperature controlled environment, UPS backup power, Generator backup power, Fire suppression and 7/24 server monitoring. These features ensure that you get uninterrupted servicesand that you precious website data remains life all the time, even in case of any mishaps.

    • Support and Back-up: Unlike shared web hosting services, you should notlook for just good support but also 7/24 technicalsupport, daily data backup and preferably item level data backup so that you may restore a particular item or a web part that you accidentally delete off. As mentioned earlier, this comes in handy at times when you rollback to an earlier version of the site, and look for deleted web parts and items.
    • Free Goodies: Apart from free installation and set-up of SharePoint Server and its maintenance, you should also look for free goodies such as SharePoint Designer 2007 etc, so that you don’t need to purchase separate licenses for these products. Keep a track of your requirements before you pick a SharePoint hosting provider and request them for such free goodies. Note: Even if your SharePoint host doesn’t offer freebies, you can request them to arrange for a license of software like SharePoint Designer 2007 at low costs.

    In a Nutshell
    SharePoint services hosting allow you to do a lot at reasonable prices, where shared web hosting services fail to deliver the goods. MOSS 2007 hosting services are extremely popular, but you must make sure that you host also supports earlier versions such as MOSS 2003, in case you need any old web parts from a previous project.

    SharePoint services
    Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS 2007) and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 (WSS) are two different and distinct types of the SharePoint platform. and since then holds all the trademarks that have to do with ColdFusion. The main difference lays in the fact that MOSS is quite expensive to start with, while on the other hand WSS is free.

    Sharepoint represents a high end service developed by Microsoft and aimed towards distant teams in order to facilitate collaboration, workflow management and central distribution. By any means Sharepoint hosting is one of the most demanding services that could be offered by a web hosting provider and you need experience in order to make a wise decision.

    There are many companies out there that claim to offer hosting services to a wide variety of application in excess to Sharepoint, such as Exchange, Tomcat, Java and so on. The truth is that you must be very careful when the time of selection arises. These solutions are used in order to host ultra professional portals which belong to universities, hospitals, corporations and governments. You can’t choose with price as the only criterion. Quality and support are the only safe factors that may drive you to the correct destination.

    Microsoft has released many tools in order to offer an easier way to administer websites that are based on Sharepoint platform. Today, only 5 years after launching, Sharepoint services have become one of the most popular tools and its server edition is used by thousands of developers.

    If you belong to the large quantity of Internet surfers that think that offering web hosting services is an easy task and you re imaging yourself offering Sharepoint hosting services, then keep dreaming! These sorts of platforms aren’t toys to play; they are intended for very serious websites and every web hosting company that offers services to this field should have a proven expertise and personnel with deep knowledge.

    Did you know?

    Most providers forget that web hosting is, and always was, a service, not a product. You must be very carefull when you are searching for a reliable and an affordable company in order to host your new website.

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