There are literally thousands of web hosting providers scattered across the Internet. Even more than those companies, are websites which have the ambition to bring you “unbiased” reviews about those firms. The truth is that most of those “independent web hosting reviews sites” belong either to a hosting agency, either trie to manipulate their readers in order to choose a specific company, from which they gain through affiliate links, ads and referring fees.

We were many years to the side of the novice webmasters, which most of the times had to expend not only their valuable time, but also a vast amount of money in order to learn what must avoid and which are the criteria that will allow them to establish a stable foundation for their new website.

Web hosting industry is one of the toughest markets that Internet gave birth. The competition between companies is indeed merciless. The catches for the unsuspecting webmasters are becoming more and more. We will try to analyze every aspect of web hosting market by giving exact information, tips, tutorials and personal opinions for every type of web hosting service that is offered nowadays. Our web hosting blog is updated daily with unique articles about the world of web hosting industry and not only. We are covering a wide array of topics, like web 2.0 trends, domain names, technology related subjects and so on.

Besides our blog, we will analyze in depth every type of web hosting service. Through a series of detailed articles you will learn about shared, windows, linux and hosting services that are targeted toward databases, personal use and so on. These articles will be expanded in order to cover every aspect of web hosting market.

Every piece of information that is offered through Web Hosting Art has as it’s solely purpose to help you find a reliable and affordable web hosting provider. We know from personal experience that identifying the perfect web host provider is quite difficult but at the same time is essential for every ambitious webmaster. We will not propose specific companies but we will give you all the knowledge that is necessary to make your own choice. Every blog post will be open for commenting and our email will be always available for suggestions.

Nowadays there are literally hundreds of types of web hosting services. The price for an average web hosting plan has decreases during the period of time. Approximately 15 years ago, even shared hosting plans used to cost 30 USD per month, which is why most of the webmasters preferred services that offered free web hosting, even if they had numerous limitations. Companies like Geocities and Tripod become gigantic due to the fact that professional web hosting services were too costly. Today, web hosting services are extremely cheap and easily everyone can deploy a simple website without all those limitations that their creation will be tied up if they had chosen a free web hosting provider.  At this point I would like to add that there are still some types of web hosting services that are expensive, like oracle hosting and sharepoint hosting, but these types aren’t intended for hobbyists and small projects, as they target mostly big companies.


Did you know?

Most providers forget that web hosting is, and always was, a service, not a product. You must be very carefull when you are searching for a reliable and an affordable company in order to host your new website.

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